I’ve finished!

On Sunday, I suffered from the worst hangover. I drank all the cocktails. ALL of them. Champagne and strawberry purΓ©e is my favourite πŸ“πŸΉπŸΈ

I’m pretty certain I woke up drunk as I spent all afternoon trying to psych myself up for the final run but my head was a complete blur and I was shattered beyond belief.

I did 20 ish mins on the exercise bike and by late afternoon went out for my run. It was surprisingly fine – I felt quite energetic and well-paced so managed 4 miles (40 minutes)!

A satsifying end to the programme. I’m still amazed that I kept this up for 7 and a half weeks – I know the programme is meant to be 9 weeks but I’m terribly impatient!

I also ran yesterday evening but my ankles were quite sore so I only managed 3 miles, but it was BOILING 😳.

This made it comforting to drive past other runners in the evening to see them slowing down in the heat wave β˜€οΈ, admittedly the man I’m thinking of was quite old and covered in the most clingy lycra.

Now that the c25k programme is over and I’m running when I feel like it, ive started a 30 day ‘plank’ challenge which is pretty good! I do want to keep running 3 x a week (3-4 miles per session) but have found evenings to be much more manageable than mornings when I tend to be in a manic rush!

I’ve sort of given up with weights as am finding them a struggle, but will get back on them once back from honeymoon.

So many goals, so little time



4 more runs to go!

Week 8, day 2 completed yesterday! My current pace is under 10 minutes per mile so managed 5k in 30 minutes during week 8 yay!Β 

I have come to the conclusion that running post-alcohol are the most satisfying of all but leave you feeling pretty shattered *yawn*
I pushed myself to run for 30 minutes instead of 28 which should help during week 9. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘easy‘ now but my legs seem to be recovering quickly and I’m not aching so much as I did during week 4, which is a huge improvement.

It’s still hard not to focus on ‘how long do I have left?!’ but I’ve tried to vary my route a little bit to make things a bit more interesting!

I’ve kind of given up on the NHS ‘stretch and flex’ programme as they involve doing the activities outside. This is alright when you’re in the garden and no-one’s around but I would never do this on the road as you would look like a real nutter flailing your arms about…

So by mid next week, I hope to be finished and perhaps going on to the post-5k programme πŸ˜€

In other news, I just ❀️ NAKD bars! Cocoa orange is particularly good!

But do you know what I love more?


Week 7 – nearly done!

Week 7, day 1 (05/07/15)

So I started week 7 yesterday – after a night of jΓ€ger bombs and one too many chicken wings (yeah, and the rest…)

 I woke up in my usual Sunday disorientated haze and was determined to start week 7 on a high.

Surprisingly, I managed. I did have to start sloo-oww-w and remind myself of how good it felt to accomplish something (even if it was a 25 minute stagger), but it was still a challenge despite having 2 rest days.

Week 7 day 2 (06/07/15)

I completed day 2 this morning and took Laura’s advice (my sworn enemy turned imaginary friend) – to change route to avoid monotony, which helped but slowed me down a smidge as I had to cross at traffic lights.

What made it worth while was a message at the end of the session about now being a ‘proper runner’. I don’t feel like I am but I’m definitely panting less and sweating seems second nature. Lovely image I know.

I’m definitely going to try to mix up my routes. I’ve started setting some goals for pace and mileage on ‘Map my run’ which should also help!


Other than that, I’ve attempted ‘planking’ which is incredibly challenging but easy as you don’t need any equipment. I recommended it to my mum who then asked if it was a food? Now I know where I get my food obsession from!

Anddddd, I plan to do some more NHS ‘stretch and flex’ to sort out achey leg syndrome.

Would love to hear how other people have got on with that if that’s part of your work out 😊


Week 6 day 3 and repeat week 6 day 2

So I managed the 25 minutes! I’ve been meaning to write about this and now is a perfect opportunity. I’m at Zxaar Creative Hair Design getting balayage 😍

I was so concerned that I wouldn’t manage it as I struggled with day 2 of week 6 (2 x 10 minute runs)

Run 1

So on Thursday morning (02/06/15), I woke up in a hazed state and went for it. It was similar to the 20 minutes but I had to start slow and figure out my own pace. 

I’ve definitely come to realise how important a comfortable pace is and how when you see other runners, they aren’t sprinting. I managed the run in less than 10 minutes per mile which I was SO happy with!

It wasn’t easy – I spend the first 10 minutes of a run thinking ‘I hate this!’ and ‘why am I doing this?!’ But once that’s over, I just want to complete the session in a decent time. 

 Tips of the week:

  1. I found that by walking at a brisk and not leisurely pace during the warm up helped ease into the run
  2. Updating my playlist kept things varied 
  3. Wearing Lycra helped! Still sticking with the basketball tops for ‘airiness’

Look out of the lovely surprise from our best mate ‘Laura’ at the end of week 6 πŸ˜‰

Run 2

I was feeling very energetic so that evening I decided to try week 6 day 2 again. It was a bit of a struggle with the weather being so hot but I was determined to push myself that big further. 
Needless to say, my calves are looking on the large side and are definitely aching so a rest is in order before starting week 7 (tomorrow!)

I’ve also started the NHS stretch and flex podcast programme (‘Laura’ again) yesterday (I’m going to use these exercises on rest days and perhaps for post run) which was quite light and pleasant.

I really want to work on non-cardio. Sit ups – mastering the jackknife! Oh and squats, planking and more weight work.

Watch this space πŸ™‚

Week 6, day 2

just two 10 minute runs

How hard can it be?


That elated beautiful feeling has ended.

It is absolutely boiling this morning.

Rolling out of bed at 06:45, I feel okay about the run but as soon as I’m gone for 5 minutes, my throat gets dry and my legs ache.

How have I gone from 20 minutes to barely 5 minute intervals?! And at a super slow pace!

While it’s this baking, I am going to have to try running at about 8pm to see if it’s any cooler at that time of day, particularly as the 25 minute straight run is looming.

Disappointment sucks but I could also be less melodramatic.

Any tips for running in the heat would be warmly welcomed

I ran for 20 minutes STRAIGHT.

I am elated that I did it.

After completing week 6, day 1, I knew I would have to go back to week 5, day 3 and conquer that 20 minute straight run.. Particularly as when I tried previously I had to stop half way and I was just not ‘feeling it’ (basically in a state of ‘I can’t get motivated’)…

So this is how it went.

First five minutes: just do it.. Get to 5

First ten minutes: just get to 10. Keep the breathing going. Try not to gasp and just breathe. Slow down when necessary.. Then start up. Just don’t stop.

After 10 minutes: okay, forget the running. Focus on the road ahead. Ignore aching legs, just notice how they move without you even thinking about it.

15 minutes: wow, I definitely can’t stop now. Keep looking forward. Keep the breathing even and steady.

20 minutes done: finally! I can do anything… Well within reason.

After a 2 minute walk: ran again, got a bit cramped. Stitch begins and then keep walking. I also felt quite sick at the end bleurgh!

Note to self: learn when is best to stop πŸ™‚

So it is possible, focus less on the running and more on where you want to be – the road ahead and how you are feeling (forget ‘I’m tired’ and think ‘how much further can I go’)

c25k WEEK 1 TO 5

So I’ve decided to start a brand new blog which focuses on my new found hobby (I think I can now actually call it that), running. First and foremost it might be useful to mention that I did not enjoy running at school.

In fact, I did not run – cross country was an excuse to light up a fag in the forest with my friends. You get the picture.  

I am not a fitness fanatic at all.  I used to partake in light exercise at the gym when I was 17 and then again when I was 19 in Uni – mainly cardio – no strength or core work. Then me and my fiance invested in a stationary exercise bike a few years ago, did that regularly for a bit and played badminton in the summer yada yada..  

I’ve always wanted to run and envied effortless seasoned runners but never had the confidence/self-belief to really try. Until my friend, Harriet told me about the C25K podcast and how it changed her exercise life and here I am, going on and on about the enjoyment and hindrances of the big R. 

It’s quite funny actually because I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while and today, I am feeling quite defeated by the dreaded pavement that thinking about my trainers actually makes me feel tired Zzz… Snap out of it! STAY MOTIVATED. 

Okay, so I am now on Week 6 – I completed day 1 today but it might be best if I provide a brief  (I’m so rubbish at being brief) summary of the weeks that went before. 

Note to reader: runs tend to start with a brisk 5 minute warm up walk and end with a 5 minute cool down walk. My walking isn’t exactly brisk, but then again my legs are short and not gazelle-like in the least.

 No more excuses and self-pitying behaviour.

Started C25K: 28th May 2015

WEEK 1 aka ‘EASY?’ (‘alternate 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking’)

28-30/05/15 Before I started the C25K podcasts, I went for a ‘free run’ – well that’s one word for it. I sprinted up the road and soon felt exhausted and my throat was BURNING. It was really quite pathetic. It was then that I actually downloaded the C25K App and gave it a try.

Back to week 1… Totally manageable and enjoyable for novice runners like myself. It made me feel as though I could actually stick to the programme and I liked being told when to run/walk. I got a little too into it as I ran for about 4 days straight that week without any rest breaks (TRY TO TAKE REST DAYS!)

WEEK 2 aka ‘How hard can it be?’ (‘alternate 90 seconds running with 2 minutes walking’) 01-04/06/15 Again, very do-able. This time, I did take some rest days. However, I accidentally ended up on Week 5, run 3 (straight 20 minute run) which buggered me up a bit as I had zero stamina at this point. Could not do it at all, and so has to re-do day 3 of week 2.

WEEK 3 aka I CAN DO IT! (‘alternate 90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking and 3 minutes of running’) 07-11/06/15 I was a bit worried about the 3 minutes of running at first (as mentioned by ‘Laura’ – podcast trainer/voice) but soon realised that it was a natural transition from previous weeks. This was a good week and I made sure I had rest days between runs as advised by ‘Laura’ – my new best friend, NOT!

WEEK 4 aka I CAN’T RUN ANY MORE/FAIL WEEK! (‘alternate 3 minutes running, 5 minutes of running with walks in between’) 12-19/06/15 I found this week quite a challenge. I managed the first two runs but by run three, I noticed that I was experiencing a lot of pain in the backs and all around my ankles. I had to stop a run half way and hobble home like some sort of invalid. I then attempted to run on the grass of my parents’ garden – I did a few laps and then gave up. From there, I had a few days off to rest my poor ankles and bought some new running shoes to cheer myself up. I noticed that on my next run, my new running shoes had paid off and the ‘bounciness’ and support of the heels improved my performance.

From having a few days off, I felt quite guilty and worried that I wouldn’t get motivated again but thankfully, I wasn’t deterred that easily. WEEK 5 aka I CAN’T DO THE 20 MINUTE STRAIGHT/ BLOOD STAINED TRAINERS!! (‘alternate runs – 5 mins mixed with walking, 8 minutes mixed with walking and then a dreaded 20 minute straight’) 21-24/06/15 I’m not going to lie, I was UTTERLY DAUNTED by the prospect of week 5. But surprisingly, the first two runs were fine. Running for 8 minutes did feel challenging but once I’d paced myself and worked on calm breathing, I managed fine. I’ve actually been really naughty this week as I haven’t taken any running rest days because I’ve been so keen to get onto week 6. However, I was not able to complete the third run of week 5 in one hit. I had to stop halfway so ended up doing 2 lots of 10 minute runs. As week 6+ cranks up the endurance quite a bit, I will need to return to Week 5 day 3 (‘dreaded 20 minutes’) to make sure that I can hack the other weeks. WEEK 6 aka CAN I DO IT? (‘alternate 5 and 8 minute runs,10 minute runs mixed with walking and a 25 minute straight run’) 25/06/15 – ? Day 1 – Not too bad but my feet are starting to ache and I have a little pool of blood on the back of my trainer because the plaster on the back of my foot keeps falling off. I wonder if my road will have a trail of bloody plasters by the time I get to week 9. This could be the aftermath of attempting the 20 minute straight run without having a rest day before. I was very S-L-O-O-O-W-W-W today so might take a rest day before re-trying week 5 day 3. WAH! So that’s Weeks 1-5 of C25K in a nutshell – for me any way! I will write another blog in due course πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and I would LOVE to hear how your runs are going as I’m constantly looking out for running insp or runspo?? xox